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Our Story

Since three generations, the Castellucci family ,has been producing almost exclusively Verdicchio ; certainly, things have changed over the years: from the single rows surrounded by mulberry plants at the time of Grandma Firmina, they moved to the first modern vineyard planted in 1966 at Montecarotto, in the heart of the Verdicchio Classico area, by Corrado, father of current estate owner Federico.


This latter ,after a long experience in Federvini and the National Wine DOC Committee, was elected the Director-General of the OIV - International Vine and Wine Organization - based in Paris, where he worked for 10 years.


In this function he visited the vineyards of the 46 OIV Member States, met local producers and operators, tasted the best wines from the 5 continents, comparing experiences, production methods and results.


Enriched with these experiences, he decided to return to his "Marche", and to take over the family's viticultural activity by exploiting all the acquired knowledge.


The surface of the vineyards has been expanded and extends for 18 hectares, all on the gentle hills of the Castelli di Jesi (Montecarotto, Maiolati Spontini and Serra San Quirico) in particularly well -known areas of the Classico zone. The vineyards, with different but complementary orientations and compositions, contribute to producing a Verdicchio with its roots well established in tradition, and with a typicality that takes into account the evolution of consumer tastes.

Careful attention to sustainable and precision viticulture, respect for the environment and use of winemaking techniques aimed to enhance the naturalness and typicality of the wine produced.


The result is a Verdicchio of great elegance, with a beautiful structure, with typical floral aromas and fruits, with an extraordinary tasteful persistence; with all the features of the best tradition, but at the same time with a harmony and balance that make it particularly pleasing even to the most demanding consumer.


Photo Credits: Davide Caporaletti, Chiara Santarelli and Fabrizio Sansoni.

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